The BEST Thing I Ever Ate [Blog #6]

It was a cold day, on the verge of rain, as we toured San Francisco’s Mission District. Walking from restaurant to restaurant, we could hardly bear to stand outside too long as we would beg for our tour guide to speak to us inside as we tried out our tour’s meals. On this trip throughout the Mission District I unexpectedly encountered the best ice cream I have ever had.

As we entered Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream the first thing I spelled was waffle cones, just like any other ice cream shop. I couldn’t figure out why we would stop at an ice cream shop, what could be so special about this place?

After my first glance over the 12 flavors I knew this would not be an ordinary ice cream shop: Special Breakfast with cornflakes and bourbon? The flavors handwritten on place cards before the ice cream tubs were certainly not your average 31 flavors.

After a number of testers the decision was final, my scoop of choice would be the Chocolate Sea Salt. No matter how many bites I took of those flavors the Chocolate Sea Salt intrigued me the most.

Chocolate Sea Salt Ice Cream

Chocolate Sea Salt was exactly what the name deemed it to be.

Each bite of this chocolate ice cream was a deceptive pleasure.

The first taste was the smooth, creamy chocolate that tasted like chocolate truffles, just a sweet and milky taste that was just comforting and swell.  Just as you are being taken in by this warm chocolate embrace, a bite of salt overtakes such sweetness. It was exactly like eating sea salt caramel. As the seconds passed the taste of the chocolate faded and the sea salt overwhelmed my taste buds, counteracting the balance of sweet to salty. I could taste the grain of salt melting in my mouth. It was so strong at the end of each bite I anticipated the rough lastings of a piece of sea salt, and every time my mouth turned up empty, awaiting the next bite.

The ice cream would dissolve completely, revealing itself as a truly creamy delight.


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