From the Mouth of a Apple- Skin Hater [Blog #1]

Pink Lady AppleI stare at my desk at the imperfectly circular red object I cannot help but think, “Oh I hope this doesn’t mean we have to eat this”. The pink lady apple that my professor has just passed around the class sits on my desk and we are instructed to dissect the fruit with our 5 senses: touch, sight, smell, sound, and finally my most dreaded, taste.

As I touch the smooth, waxy exterior all I can think is how deceiving this fruit is, appearing to be so perfect and delicate. No wonder it has been deemed the fruit of temptation from being the catalyst of human imperfection to the near death of a beloved, Disney princess with skin as white as snow. The apple appears to be a perfect fruit, a safe fruit, as it shines in the light and stands despite its rounded shape.

I know that despite its lovely appearance in just one bit the deception of the apple will be triumphant.  Despite the initially juicy, sweet and sour somersault that will play with the taste buds of my mouth and tongue, the experience with this bite will not end there. Quickly the beautiful layer of rosey, pink and red with a hint of yellow skin shreds away upon each bite that follows. The skin of the apple overwhelms the sweet and sour juices that first encountered my mouth, and replaces such great potential with grainy flakes of disappointment. The waxy exterior replaces the taste of juicy goodness, leaving a bland plastic taste in the mouth.

The time comes to take the dreaded bite. Although I did not faint in despair of the fruits deception, all that I anticipated came to be true.

From the mouth of an apple-skin hater, I will forever skin my apples, no matter how beautifully deceiving their skin may appear.


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